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Modern and Emerging Programming Languages



Rust is a high-level all-purpose programming language that provides low-level access for blazingly fast performance with special focus on memory safety and concurrency.

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Course info

This is a 3 ECTS course about Rust. Rust is a programming language, a fungus, a survival game and oxidation of iron. We will learn about the language in this course, when and why to use it, as well as how to program in Rust.


  • Basic programming skills
    • This should include at least operating with functions, conditions, loops and basic data structures. Knowledge about functional programming or object oriented programming is also beneficial.
  • Familiarity with working on the command line
  • Familiarity with using programming environments

Completing the course

The course is completed by solving exercises. The course is worth 3 ECTS credits, which corresponds to roughly 80 study hours. This naturally varies between individuals due to e.g. differences in previous experience. You can request official Aalto University credits once you have completed at least 90% of the course exercises (presently, this option requires a Finnish social security number).

The course is self-paced, so there are no deadlines and you can work on it at your own pace.

If you are a student and want the credits offered for completing the course included in your degree, then make sure your place of study allows you to include the credits as part of your studies.

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