Device-Agnostic Design

Welcome! This course will teach you what Device-Agnostic Design is, what has led to the emergence of Device-Agnostic Design, and what the present issues and challenges in Device-Agnostic Design are.

The focus is on hands-on practice, where you will learn to design, implement, and test applications that work on multiple devices. When working on software, we use Dart and Flutter, a modern programming language and a modern framework for building software for multiple devices from a single codebase.

The present version of the course is primarily intended for Aalto University students and has explicit deadlines. Based on experiences from the present course iteration, we will release an open version of the course during 2023. Even if you are not an Aalto student, feel free to check these materials out already.

Cloud with databases on top. Buzzwords displayed in rain from the cloud. The rain falls toward a phone.