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The courses on this platform are graded periodically. The present grading schedule is as follows.

Submit grading request byGrading between

The schedule for the spring will be announced later.

For Aalto University students, you are expected to enroll to the course in question in SISU from where your enrollment is transferred to MyCourses. The transfer is known to take a day or even more.

In the course page in MyCourses, there is an area where you can return a code that you get from the course platform. Once you return the code, you have requested grading.

Given a Finnish social security number, you return the code from the course platform to Opintopolku (the courses have explicit links).

Any grading requests from Opintopolku are centrally handled and sent out to Aalto teachers periodically. Teachers at Aalto do not have direct access to grading requests sent to Opintopolku. Thus, the schedule for grading Opintopolku requests does not follow the schedule outlined above.

Unless otherwise noted, the courses on this platform do not have explicit deadlines. The courses are periodically updated to reflect advances in the field. During updates, old coursework may be removed and new coursework introduced. This has also an effect on accumulated course points. Obsolete coursework is not counted towards the grade.

Larger updates are scheduled to take place in January, May, and September. In addition, when there is a scheduled course version running at Aalto, the materials may be updated at the beginning and during the course. Smaller updates can occur at any time.

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